Boost your Self-Confidence with a Straighter Smile


Life’s challenges make us constantly strive to impress and stand out, selling ourselves in some way shape or form on a daily basis. If you were under the impression that teeth straightening was solely for teenagers, we’re delighted to inform you that individuals of all ages can now achieve a radiant, straight smile. Embrace the chance to improve your smile, regardless of your age.

Clear plastic aligners

Whether you’re looking for teeth straightening in Melbourne or Sydney, there are online treatment providers like Dr Geoffrey Wexler with a 4.9-star Google Reviews rating. Orthodontic treatment has helped people of all ages to have a straighter smile and there are a few different methods, including:

  • Clear plastic aligners
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign
  • Invisible braces
  • Ceramic braces

If you are self-conscious and don’t like the idea of wearing metal braces, there are effective alternatives. The orthodontist goes through all the options, giving you the pros and cons of each and when an agreement is reached, you can make an appointment for the first treatment.

Invisible aligners

For those self-conscious people, there are invisible aligners that fit snugly behind the teeth, while most plastic aligners can be removed when eating; there are even aligners that are worn only at night. People who present information in the media can benefit greatly from teeth straightening; celebrities turn to clear plastic aligners to enjoy a straighter smile.

Career & promotion

If you are in a highly competitive sales field, having a straighter (and whiter) smile will boost your self-esteem and hopefully that will be reflected in your sales figures. Laser teeth whitening treatments can give you a few extra shades of white and that can make all the difference in the self-confidence stakes.

Health benefits

You might be surprised to learn that having straighter teeth is beneficial to your health; brushing, for example, is more effective with straight teeth. Misaligned teeth can also cause excess wear on tooth enamel, which is another reason to consider aligners; it is also widely accepted that healthy teeth and gums are a sign of good overall health & well-being.

How does alignment work?

The orthodontist is highly skilled at making aligners that exert pressure at specific points, gently redirecting the growth of targeted teeth. The treatment usually involves replacing the aligner at certain times and changing the angle of the pressure. A treatment plan might be 18 months to 3 years, depending on the severity of the misalignment; this is something to discuss with your orthodontist during the initial (free) consultation.

Free online consultation

You can arrange a free Zoom call with a qualified orthodontist where you can ask questions and let the healthcare professional take a look at your smile. If you prefer to go to the clinic, you can book a free consultation via their website and a treatment plan can be put together that will lead to a straighter smile.

If you have a few questions regarding teeth alignment, talk to your local orthodontist, who would be happy to examine your teeth and gums to give you a professional opinion on the best way forward.

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